Monkeypox: anecdotal report of a double mpox vaccine breakthrough infection

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A report on Reddit today of a couple who were double vaccinated against monkeypox who now have a confirmed breakthrough infection.

2 vaccinated guys + mpox experience

“My partner and I are fully-vaccinated gay, cis-men in our late 20s, and we have mpox. Our journey:

8/3 – we both receive our 2nd dose of the Jynneos vaccine. We had “closed” our relationship up to this point bc of the increased risk of mpox

8/12 – we have a sexual encounter with another couple (the first since pre- first vaccine). No one in the mix has symptoms of mpox or knowledge of prior exposure

8/16- Me: i first observe a pimple on the shaft of my penis Him: no symptoms

8/17 – Me: i observe 4 more pimples in my groin area. the glands in my pelvic region have intense swelling — causing pressure in that area. I see an urgent care doc who takes swabs of the pimples and orders tests for herpes and syphillis Him: he is feverish, has body aches and sweats/chills. His pelvic glands are also swollen which he describes as “having marbles in your pelvis”. He comes with me to urgent care but doesn’t have any pimples to swab.

8/18- Me: no significant changes but pimples are becoming increasingly painful Him: he suffers from bouts of fatigue. Even nausea if he stands for too long. Body chills continue. For the first time, he notices an itch near his anoperineal region

8/19: Me: mpox test comes back positive. Ordered to isolate and given prescription for high-dose ibuprofen. Him: the anoperineal itch progresses to constant pressure (periodic bouts of relief) and sometimes sharp pains. He’s noticing discharge and we suspect proctitis based on accounts we’ve read

Tbd – here’s to hoping that being double-vaxxed will provide us with relief soon!”

Reddit: 2 vaccinated guys + mpox experience



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** This post was originally published on August 20, 2022 **