Norway: Social restrictions reintroduced to combat Covid infections

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The Norwegian Directorate of Health recommends a maximum of 10 people in private homes, one meter social distancing and bar closures.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health recommends that there be a national recommendation for a maximum of 10 guests in private homes, they write in the professional basis they have provided to the government.

They also believe that there should be a recommendation to limit the number of social contacts per week, preferably to less than 10. These are exempt from contacts in connection with leisure activities, school and work. They also believe that it should be recommended that you meet outdoors where possible.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health recommends several measures, including an order to stop drinking at midnight.

In addition, these measures are introduced:

  • Recommendation: Use of home office, flexible working hours and digital meetings.
  • Recommendation to keep at least 1 meter away from others in the workplace (nationally)
  • Recommendation for face masks where it is not possible to keep a distance, unless physical barriers have been put in place (supplements the national face bandage recommendation, which has been recommended previously). (Nationally)
  • Mandatory: Indoor events: 30 people
  • Mandatory: With fixed allocated places: 200
  • Order: Registration of guests

The proposals include reopening the compensation scheme for the business community for the rest of the year and extending the support measures for public transport and flights until March. report (in Norwegian)


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** This post was originally published on December 7, 2021 **