UK: 1,129 Covid deaths in three days

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There have been 1,129 Covid deaths in the last 3 days in the UK. Coronavirus cases are now rising again. Does this sound like the final days of a two year-long pandemic, or the right time to remove ALL mitigations?

We can only think of four possible reasons why the UK government are removing all Covid mitigations in the middle of a winter wave:

1) It’s camouflage for Boris Johnson’s spectacular career implosion

2) There’s a party booked for 10 Downing Street this weekend

3) There’s been an outbreak of mass delusion in the entire ruling elite

4) The UK needs to raise more taxes in a hurry


Covid cases are back on the rise:


1,129 Covid deaths in 3 days:


1,125 Covid deaths in three days is over FOUR TIMES the number of British casualties during the ENTIRE Falklands war. 255 British servicemen were killed liberating the Falklands.

Sadly, you can’t just wish away a pandemic, no matter how hard you try.  There is absolutely no way this can end well.






** This post was originally published on January 20, 2022 **