Sardinia: XJ recombinant is at ~20% of sequences, XM at ~15%

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In Sardinia, XJ and XM Omicron recombinants are at 19.67% and 14.75% of sequences respectively. BA.2 is at just 65.57% of sequences.

These are the estimated prevalences for all of Italy:
BA.1 is 3.5% (range 0-12.9%);
BA.2 at 93.8% (65.6-100%);
BA.3 below 0.1% (0-0.9%);
BA.4 almost 0.5% (0-4%);
BA.5 at 0.4% (0-5.6%).
Also present were some recombinants of Omicron 1 and 2: XJ at 0.66%; XM at 0.59%; XN at 0.15%; XQ and XT below 0.1%.

Omicron sub-variants 4 and 5 (BA.4 and BA.5), in the spotlight for a fifth wave of Covid in South Africa, are present in 7 regions (4 and 3 respectively). BA.4 reaches a peak of 4.02% in Emilia Romagna, followed by Calabria (2.86%), Tuscany (1.03%) and Lombardy (0.96%); BA.5 is almost 6% in Umbria (5.56%), followed by Puglia (3.23%) and Lazio (0.92%).

The data comes from the latest flash survey conducted on May 3 by the Higher Institute of Health and the Ministry of Health, together with the regional laboratories and the Bruno Kessler Foundation. report (in Italian)



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Photo by Il Vagabiondo on Unsplash

** This post was originally published on May 13, 2022 **