Italy: Two cases of XJ recombinant confirmed in Reggio Calabria

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“A new variant of Omicron, called XJ was isolated for the first time in Italy from a laboratory in Reggio Calabria.

XJ was isolated from the laboratory of the provincial health authority of Reggio Calabria, directed by Maria Teresa Fiorillo, in two cases of coronavirus positive subjects, and the results were sent to the Higher Institute of Health (Iss) which validated them.

XJ is a recombination of the Omicron sub-variants BA.1 and BA.2 and so far was known only for a limited number of cases recorded at the end of last March in Finland.” report


More on the discovery and classification of the XJ variant at Github below:


SARS-CoV-2: New recombinants designated XG, XH, XJ, XK and XL


Image by Alessandro Giordano from Pixabay

** This post was originally published on April 10, 2022 **