Chile: Delta variant doubles to 60% in just two weeks, outcompetes Gamma, Lambda, MU

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The Delta variant, which was first detected in Chile just two months ago, is now found in 61% of all genome samples. The MU variant, which was rising rapidly until just two weeks ago, appears to have been halted by the surge of Delta cases.

“Delta, since it was detected as a community circulation in the week of July 26, began its participation in the sequencing with 3% of the total positive samples analyzed. The following week it already occupied 6%, then 10% and 22% for EW 33. Since then, it has risen to 29% of the total in epidemiological week (EW) 34 (last August) when 373 samples were sequenced ; 40% in EW 35 with a total analysis of 473 and 61% in EW 36 but with only 71 samples sequenced.

For these same weeks, the Gamma variant of the virus, which for months dominated the infections, has continued to decline. For EW 34, 31% of the total samples were registered; 26% in EW 35 and barely 18% in EW 36.

The Mu variant detected for the first time in Colombia, like Delta, is also on the rise. From 18% in week 33, it went to 30 and 32% in the weeks that follow; while the Andean variant or Lambda continues to decline with 16% in SE, 8% in SE 34 and 2% in SE 35. For EW 36, it does not register presence, although there are still samples to be entered in that week.”

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** This post was originally published on September 22, 2021 **