India: zoo worker tests a white tiger for coronavirus at Ranchi Zoo

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All 21 felines in Jharkhand’s Ranchi Zoo – right from 1.3 years tiger cubs to 14-year-old Mallik- are undergoing Covid-19 test to rule out chances of infection in the wake of death of tiger Shiva down with fever for three days, an official said Saturday.

The decision for mandatory Covid test of felines was taken amid coronavirus scare though 10-year-old tiger Shiva, who died Thursday night tested negative in RAT but results of RT-PCR are awaited.

Shiva, suffering from high fever since Tuesday, had left eating and had barely touched the chicken soup it was offered during the sickness before it succumbed to death. report


India: Shiva the tiger dies of suspected coronavirus infection at Ranchi zoo – 9 other tigers suspected infected

** This post was originally published on June 6, 2021 **