Israel: Pfizer vaccine effectiveness against coronavirus infection has dropped to just 64%

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From June 6 – five days after the abolition of all coronavirus restrictions in Israel – until Tuesday, the effectiveness of the [Pfizer] vaccine against corona infection dropped to only 64%. During this period of time there was also a similar decrease in the effectiveness of the vaccine with respect to the onset of symptoms of the disease, although it should be noted that these are only mild symptoms.

Either way, the effectiveness of the vaccine against serious illness or from hospitalization remains quite high. According to the data, between May 2 and June 5, the effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing hospitalization was 98.2%, but fell to 93% between June 6 and July 3 – a decrease of about five percent. A similar decrease was recorded during this time period also with regard to the effectiveness of the vaccine with regard to the development of severe coronavirus disease among vaccinated people. According to the Israeli Health Ministry, 55% of those infected from June 6th  were vaccinated. report (in Hebrew)


Israeli Health Ministry: Vaccine down to 64% effectiveness in averting symptomatic COVID

Times of Israel report (in English)

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** This post was originally published on July 5, 2021 **