CDC: mRNA vaccines just 53.1% effective against Delta infection among nursing home residents

“Two doses of mRNA vaccines were 74.7% effective against infection among nursing home residents early in the vaccination program. During June–July 2021, when B.1.617.2 (Delta) variant circulation predominated, effectiveness declined […]

Israel: Covid-19 severely ill cases and deaths by vaccination status

Some of the charts from Israel’s official Covid-19 dashboard make interesting reading and seem to tell a rather different story to the current vaccination narrative. Firstly, let’s recall that the […]

UCL modelling shows vaccine efficacy against Covid-19 infection at just 1.5%

Current estimates of the vaccination efficacy are: preventing infection: 1.5%, preventing transmission when infected: 85.5%, preventing serious illness when symptomatic: 60.7%, preventing fatality when seriously ill: 93.6%.  This means being […]

Israel: Pfizer vaccine effectiveness against coronavirus infection has dropped to just 64%

From June 6 – five days after the abolition of all coronavirus restrictions in Israel – until Tuesday, the effectiveness of the [Pfizer] vaccine against corona infection dropped to only […]

India: Doctors discuss the diagnosis and treatment of B.1.617 double mutant coronavirus patients

“Death of fully vaccinated people”, “Increased incidence of reinfections”,  “Very infectious. Almost all near contacts are positive if traced”, “RT-PCR reports are 67-70% positive and RAT around 89%”, “RT-PCR was […]