Scotland: 78% of Covid deaths, 64% of hospitalizations and 50% of new cases are fully vaccinated

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The Covid-19 situation in Scotland seems to have deteriorated alarmingly since we last checked. For the most recent period reported, 78% of Covid-19 deaths were fully vaccinated, 64% of hospitalizations were fully vaccinated and 50% of new infections were fully vaccinated.

The information below comes from Public Health Scotland, and can be downloaded here.  The key charts from the report are reproduced below. We have excluded the partially vaccinated from the results for clarity.


There is an updated version of this post here


Covid-19 deaths in Scotland – 78% are fully vaccinated:


Covid-19 hospitalizations in Scotland – 64% are fully vaccinated:


New Covid-19 cases in Scotland – 50% are fully vaccinated:


Underlying data from Public Health Scotland










Photo by Esteban on Unsplash

** This post was originally published on October 4, 2021 **