UK SAGE: 1,000 Omicron hospitalizations a day by new year

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BBC Health Reporter: “The number of people needing hospital treatment from the Omicron variant may reach at least 1,000 a day in England by the end of the year without extra restrictions being put in place – Sage scientists have told ministers.”

They say, given the speed of increase in infections, the government needs to “urgently” consider the need for response measures to reduce transmissions of the virus “if the aim is to reduce the likelihood of unsustainable pressure on the NHS”

They say peak of the Omicron wave is “highly likely to be higher” than 1,000-2,000 Omicron admissions per day without new rules to slow the spread of rising infections.

One key thing they DON’T know yet is whether Omicron and Delta waves will run separately for a while (if they infect different cohorts) or if Omicron will quickly displace Delta. This is, obviously, important for hospital pressure.

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The  UK has just seen its second-highest ever peak in Covid cases today. The current wave has lasted all summer, since “Freedom Day” in July 2021 in fact. New Covid cases are now above 50,000 a day, and that number will certainly head much higher with the Omicron varaint now circulating widely in Britain.


UK: Omicron infections could exceed one million by New Year


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** This post was originally published on December 8, 2021 **