UK: Boris goes full Bolsonaro and decides to “let the bodies pile high” by lifting lockdown restrictions completely

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in April 2021 that he ‘would rather let bodies pile high’ than impose a third national lockdown. Well it seems he is about to get his way as his new Cabinet has, despite the massive Delta wave engulfing the country, just signed off on the removal of all Covid-19 restrictions starting on the July 17th 2021.

Boris Johnson is convinced that the Covid vaccines have broken the link between high coronavirus infection rates and deaths. He is so convinced, in fact, that he is in willing to gamble with the health and lives of millions of his own citizens in order to prove it.  When this complete fallacy is proved to be wrong, and we mean disastrously wrong, Boris will no doubt attempt to blame others in his cabinet, (or those that have previously departed), for these genocidal mistakes, just as he has done right throughout this entire Covid-19 crisis.

Boris has finally gone full Bolsonaro. Egged on by a few self-interested business hawks and economic hatchet-men, their only priority seems to be to put bums on seats in shabby West End theatres and fill grim suburban pubs to capacity to start raising taxes again.

We’re right back to February 2020. The discourse is, once again, about Herd Immunity, but this time the conversation is being held behind closed doors, filed away in secret reports and covered up with vile, almost Mengelian, secret school infection experiments. 

There will be blood. Undoubtedly there will be more blood, more covid misery and more covid deaths than the UK has ever imagined possible. 

But at least the pubs will have had a decent summer.


The UK announces its winter Covid plans

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

** This post was originally published on June 28, 2021 **