Netherlands: 1,100 people infected with Covid-19 at superspreader test event festival

At least 130 visitors were already infected with Covid-19 despite the mandatory entrance tests when they went to the Dutch music festival ‘Verknipt’ in the first weekend of July. Afterwards, 1,100 of the 20,000 festival-goers tested positive there.

The Dutch health service points to the too long validity of the rapid tests at the time. “This research shows how vulnerable working with access tests is,” says virologist Steven Van Gucht. report



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UK: Vaccine Breakthrough for Health Minister Sajid Javid

Sajid Javid, who became UK health secretary in June, said he had taken a lateral flow test after feeling a “bit groggy” on Friday night and it was positive. He said he was now self-isolating until he got the results of a PCR test. In a video posted on his Twitter feed, Mr Javid said: “I was feeling a bit groggy last night, so I took a lateral flow test this morning and it’s come out positive, so I’m now self-isolating at home with my family until I get the results of a PCR test.”  “I’m grateful that I’ve had two jabs of the vaccine and so far my symptoms are very mild.”

BBC report


UK: vaccine breakthroughs now nearly HALF of all new Covid-19 cases

Spain: 5,000 new coronavirus cases in Catalonia in one day

All epidemic indicators continue to worsen in Catalonia, Spain, where infections continue to skyrocket, with 5,206 new diagnoses in the last 24 hours and an average age that fell for the first time yesterday from 29 years and this Thursday stands at 28.7. There has not been such a high number of positives since January, after the Christmas parties, when 7,000 cases were detected in one day.



The cases confirmed by all kinds of tests since the beginning of the epidemic amount to 715,535, of which 5,206 have been diagnosed in the last 24 hours. Three deaths have also been reported. Where the indicators get worse is in the city of Barcelona and its metropolitan surroundings.

The R rate is 1.54, twelve hundredths more than Wednesday, that is, that every 100 infected infects an average of 154 people, which indicates that there is uncontrolled community transmission, while the risk of regrowth (EPG ) is still shot at 199 points, 35 more than the day before.

El Periodico report (in Spanish)



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UK: United Kingdom has more than TWICE as many daily #coronavirus cases as the USA

For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the United Kingdom now has more daily cases than the United States of America. On the 30th June 2021 the UK had more than TWICE the number of daily confirmed infections at 26,000 compared to the USA figure of just over 11,000. This is despite the United States having more than FIVE TIMES the population of the UK.

7 day rolling average numbers below:




Finland: more than 200 Euro football supporters travelled back from St Petersburg with #coronavirus – probably Delta

“There are more than 200 coronavirus cases traceable to St. Petersburg across the country – THL director urges returnees from St. Petersburg to go for corona tests instead of work”

Most of the coronary infections brought by St. Petersburg travellers are in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The likelihood that the infections are due to a susceptible delta transformation is high. report (in Finnish)





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UK: massive rise in Delta #coronavirus vaccine breakthrough cases

“There are currently 1,917 new daily symptomatic cases of COVID in vaccinated people, an increase of 89% from 1,014 cases, compared to 9,991 new daily symptomatic cases in unvaccinated people. “

ZOE Study (with heavy padding removed)


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UK: Delta variant is more infectious than the Alpha variant despite vaccinations


Preprint: vaccine breakthrough #coronavirus infections may be common in transplant patients


Massachusetts: more than 4,300 #coronavirus breakthrough cases reported – up 28% in a week

UK: Hospice doctor – “Matt Hancock *has* lied during the pandemic – and I can prove it”

Well done @doctor_oxford. There are undoubtedly thousands more people in Britain in medicine and the care home sector who could tell a similar story but are too afraid to speak up.

UK: more cases of Delta #coronavirus variant found in Britain than in India

B.1.617 cases as of 16th May 2021 as per Wikipedia


And yes, we KNOW it’s because there is far more sequencing done in the UK than in India. The Brits should be proud of their world-class genome sequencing effort. They have been at the bleeding edge of the fight against this pandemic since day one.


UPDATE 17th May 2021: Wikipedia updated to show new figures:



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A #coronavirus variant with T205I and D399N mutations that affects antigen test performance

“While determining the analytical sensitivity of the Quidel Sofia SARS 24 Antigen FIA test (Sofia 2), we uncovered a high viral load specimen that repeatedly tested negative by this antigen test. Whole genome sequencing of the specimen uncovered two mutations, T205I and D399N, present in the nucleocapsid protein of the isolate. All six SARS-CoV-2 positive clinical specimens available in our laboratory with a D399N nucleocapsid mutation and C T < 31 were not detected by the Sofia 2 but detected by the Abbott BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card, while clinical specimens with the T205I mutation were detected by both assays”

Preprint: A SARS-CoV-2 Nucleocapsid Variant that Affects Antigen Test Performance 


UK: surge testing for Indian #coronavirus variant in Nottingham




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Antigen #coronavirus tests of 117,670 people gave 47% false negatives

A large, new survey of 117,670 people from Denmark’s Statens Serum Institut (SSI) showed that PCR tests found 4,069 positive samples but subsequent antigen tests captured only 2,159 of them. 1,910 people received a negative antigen test result, even though coronavirus could be detected in the throat.

Over a period of just over seven weeks from February 1 to March 23, 117,670 citizens received both a PCR test and an antigen test within 48 hours.

According to the PCR test, 4,069 of them were positive. However, the antigen test captured only 2,159 of them. This meant that 1,910 people received a negative test result, even though coronavirus could be detected in the throat.

“Our study shows that antigen testing is quite imprecise in identifying an infected person. We can see that 47% of all those who are actually infected with corona get a negative test result after an antigen test. So they have been tested false negative “, says acting academic director at SSI Tyra Grove Krause about the study.

Denmark’s SSI study