UK: start to pandemic “worst public health failure ever” – a failure that is still ongoing

The UK government approach – backed by its scientists – was to try to manage the situation and in effect achieve herd immunity by infection, it said. This led to a delay in introducing the first lockdown, costing lives.

BBC report

Full Parliamentary report here


Coronaheadsup Twitter feed, 15th March 2020 – the UK promotes herd immunity and our prediction of the outcome of the policy

Coronaheadsup Twitter feed, 15th March 2020 – the UK promotes herd immunity and ignores warnings from Italian doctors about the severity of the coronavirus


Coronaheadsup Twitter feed, March 13th 2020 – warning of a catastrophe in UK schools if they are left open. This is another lesson still not learned. Millions of British schoolchildren have been infected by Covid-19 in UK schools in 2021, with no mitigations allowed.
In an ongoing attempt to impose herd immunity, defenceless British kids are being told to fight a BSL4 pathogen in classrooms with no protection, mitigations, bubbles or vaccines. It’s homicidal insanity, and by far the biggest scandal of this pandemic.

What we don’t want or need is another government apology or a public inquiry in a year’s time after millions more lives have been wrecked by this virus. We need preventative action, and we need it NOW.


Sars-CoV-2 – checkmate to the virus in four moves

COVID-19 virus in the penis long after the initial infection in humans

Our study is the first to demonstrate the presence of the COVID-19 virus in the penis long after the initial infection in humans. Our results also suggest that widespread endothelial cell dysfunction from COVID-19 infection can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Preprint: COVID-19 Endothelial Dysfunction Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction: Histopathological, Immunohistochemical, and Ultrastructural Study of the Human Penis


Sars-CoV-2 – checkmate to the virus in four moves



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USA: doctors see a surge in critically ill pregnant women with Covid

“None of us has ever seen this magnitude of really, really sick women at one time,” said Dr. Akila Subramaniam, an associate professor at the University of Alabama’s Birmingham Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine. Subramaniam and her colleagues estimate a tripling — or even quadrupling — of pregnant patients hospitalized with Covid.

In North Carolina, Dr. Brenna Hughes, chief of the Duke University Medical Center’s Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine in Durham, said that her team is also treating more pregnant patients than at any point in the pandemic. At the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, the ICU has treated more than a dozen pregnant women with Covid in recent weeks, when it typically sees only one or two pregnant women a month. report


Sars-CoV-2 – checkmate to the virus in four moves


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UK: more than 13,000 women report changes to periods after having Covid-19 vaccine

The number of UK women reporting changes to their menstrual cycle linked to having a Covid-19 vaccine has risen to 13,000. The figure has increased from around 4,000 women last month.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has so far received more than 13,000 reports from women across the country who have experienced changes to their period after having the vaccine.

Sky News report



Sars-CoV-2 – checkmate to the virus in four moves

We originally posted the tweet below over one year ago, on 1st July 2020. Despite vaccination campaigns, we believe that the game plan for the virus remains the same.


  • Attack the food supply by infecting farmed animals, food processing plants, refrigeration and logistics
  • Pick off the weakest – the young and the elderly become a focus for attacks
  • Disable the fittest with reinfections and Long Covid  
  • Control the replication of the host species by neural attacks, interrupting hormones and disrupting heart and blood supply.

Humans represent the biggest opportunity and biggest threat to the existence of the virus. With a compliant new host or hosts, the virus, which has used humans to navigate the globe, won’t have any further need for us. 

Without full sterilizing immunity, checkmate to the virus in less than one decade?


USA: Sars-CoV-2 antibodies detected in 33% of White-Tailed Deer samples


COVID-19 virus in the penis long after the initial infection in humans



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Maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality among pregnant women with and without COVID-19 #coronavirus infection

** WARNING: the research mentioned in this post reaches some very disturbing conclusions and may not be suitable for general sharing, Please think carefully before retransmitting it **

From March to October last year the INTERCOVID team tracked data on 2,130 pregnant women across the world from Argentina to Russia, including the UK, US, France, Italy and Japan.

The results are stark: women with Covid during pregnancy were found to be over 50 per cent more likely to experience complications such as premature birth, pre-eclampsia, admission to intensive care and death compared with pregnant women unaffected by the disease.

While the consequences of such complications were more serious in lower-income countries, the elevated risk of complications in the first place were the same everywhere.

The impact of Covid was not limited to mothers, either. The babies of infected women the study followed were almost three times more likely to face “severe medical complications, such as admission to a neonatal intensive care unit – mostly due to premature birth.”

The Telegraph report on the INTERCOVID research

INTERCOVID research paper


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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay